Moon River Porthole.  2012   -Beautiful aftermath of floodwaters in the Matanuska River basin near Palmer, AK.
 50-year Flood.  2012, the Fall monsoon surges Eagle River.
 3 seconds in Glacier Creek.  3 tripod photos of Glacier Creek, assembled chronologically. 2011
 layered rapids photography. 2012
 layered rapids photography. 2012
 Rapids Nebula.  2013
 Fog from the ocean creates crystals on the sand formations in Glacier Creek, Girdwood, AK.  2010
 Thriving Lichen. 2012
 Amazing cloud above the art studio. 2013
 Sunrise Clouds over the Chugach Mountains. 2013
 Summer Ploom.  2013
 Denali National Park
 Ice Plates.  Alaska autumn provides a flash freeze, quick thaw and some heavy winds to pile up a collection of iceplates before freezing them back together. 2012 
 Windblown snow crust forms a skeletal shape on-top of frozen ice-plates in Lake Lucille. 2012
 extreme ice topography.  2012
 sunset on iceplates.  2012
 lake ice. 2012
 torched lake ice with copper reflection. 2012
 crystal clear lake ice reveals full thickness views of expansion cracking. 2012
 crystal clear lake ice.  2012
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