Matt grew up in Minnesota drawing color crayon murals on the wall under his bed, playing baseball, studying art-history, drawing and drafting before applying to the Kansas City Art Institute in 2002.  

At KCAI Matt completed the rigorous 'foundations' program and spent 2 years in the painting department before completing his BFA in Interdisciplinary Arts in 2006.   During his time in Kansas City he simultaneously worked on the renovation of a 1920's Art and Crafts style bungalow in historic Hyde Park, Kansas City, MO.

His interests have piqued in expressionist calligraphy, landscape and geology; with aesthetic influence from the Middle East, China, the Pacific Northwest and Alaska.  In 2008, he was an artist in residence at the Sitka Center for Art and Ecology. The emersion in the rich environment at Cascade Head on the Oregon coast,  tuned his reflections to the interactions of the river, the tides and the sand.  This sparked an ongoing period of intensive photography and mold-making.

 Matt is inspired by traditional and contemporary architecture as he is working as a professional craftsman in South Central Alaska and repurposes materials from his occupation.  His current long-term goals include studying cartography, experimenting with aerial photography, developing contemplative public shelter projects in both remote landscapes and urban areas, and to design and build a live-aboard ocean boat.